The Team

Forest Hills Capital is comprised of world-class management professionals with significant industry experience with a broad array of deal evaluation, operations, sales and marketing, finance, and legal skills.The Forest Hills Capital team is committed to efficiently and effectively providing its partnering firms with the financial, managerial, and operational resources paramount to their success.

Adding to the firm’s core human capital competencies is its robust external network of advisory professionals. In addition to assessing, financing, and managing acquisitions to completion, these capable individuals also work assiduously to identify potential acquisition opportunities through intense investigation and comprehensive analysis.

The professionalism, exceptional work ethic, and innovative strategic insight possessed by Forest Hills Capital’s talented team is the central driver of the firm’s ability to generate growth and create value for any established lower middle market business.

The transaction development team, a cross-functional group responsible for efficiently constructing all financial transactions, is led by Roger Aguinaldo, Managing Director of Forest Hills Capital Management.

Roger Aguinaldo

"Investor achieving above market returns within permanent capital structures for institutional investors and large family offices"

A leading authority on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and finance, Roger Aguinaldo has consummated over $5 billion of M&A and financial transactions over the past 25 years at Merrill Lynch & Co. and, most recently, at his own boutique investment firm Forest Hills Capital Management. Mr. Aguinaldo provides high-level M&A consulting and advisory for a diverse client base that has previously included Federated Department Stores, Service Corporation International, Republic New York Corporation, Merrill Lynch Capital Partners, and The Blackstone Group.

Over the last twelve years, Mr. Aguinaldo has published his insights and analyses in over 800 articles through The M&A Advisor. Mr. Aguinaldo is also a frequent guest commentator on various finance television shows and publications, such as Wall St. Week, Fox Business, CNN, CNBC, Crain’s, and Bloomberg. He serves as Chairman of several major M&A events and awards programs, and is a respected speaker who has been featured at a number of leading seminars. A selection of Mr. Aguinaldo’s media clips is featured in our Media Room.
Mr. Aguinaldo is Managing Director of Forest Hills Capital Management, a private equity firm focused on investments in firms operating within the lower middle market. In this role, Mr. Aguinaldo was instrumental in developing and executing the acquisition strategy for a leading internet service provider and consolidator. He also valued, negotiated, and closed 43 acquisitions of family-owned businesses worth approximately $120 million within a 16-week period. In addition to his activities at Forest Hills Capital Management, Mr. Aguinaldo is the founder and CEO of The M&A Advisor, the preeminent organization that connects and recognizes the top performers in the M&A, financing, and turnaround industries. The M&A Advisor is currently the number one business networking website for M&A on Yahoo! and Google. Prior to the formation of Forest Hills Capital Management, Mr. Aguinaldo worked at at Merrill Lynch & Co. where he handled M&A of Fortune 500 companies and large financial institutions. He was actively involved in one of the largest LBOs at the time – the $1.5 billion acquisition of Del Monte Foods Corporation in 1989.

You can watch some of his clips at our “Market Commentary” section to get some outstanding analysis about the M&A industry and the acquisition of a broad array of companies.