Forest Hills Capital A pioneering investment advisory and asset management firm established in 2008 by
Roger Aguinaldo, an over thirty-year veteran in the mergers and acquisitions industry.
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Forest Hills Capital is an investment advisory and consulting firm for asset management companies established in 2008 by Roger Aguinaldo, an over thirty year veteran of the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) industry.  


Located in Queens, New York, Forest Hills Capital has a strong team that works closely with the management and owners of large and upper middle market companies to effectively analyze their firms’ strengths, weaknesses, assets, liabilities, and potential growth opportunities. By doing this, Forest Hills Capital is able to develop and execute a comprehensive firm-specific strategy resulting in continued profitability, value, and growth for the management team and owners remaining involved.


Forest Hills Capital’s robust relationships with a wide range of institutional investors, family offices, entrepreneurs, hedge fund and private equity fund managers, and accredited high-profile investors give the firm access to substantial resources beyond its own.


Established firms interested in partnering with an involved, reliable investment firm need look no further than Forest Hills Capital.

Roger Aguinaldo


A leading authority on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and finance, Roger Aguinaldo has consummated over $25 billion of M&A and financial transactions over the past 30 years at Merrill Lynch & Co.  Most recently, at a boutique investment firm where he was involved   in 5 SPAC raises of over $4 billion and 3 deSPACs of over $9 billion.


Over the last twenty years, Roger has published his insights and analyses in over 800 articles through The M&A Advisor. He is also a frequent guest commentator on various finance television shows and publications, such as Wall St. Week, Fox Business, CNN, CNBC, Crain’s, and Bloomberg. 


He serves as Chairman of several major M&A events and awards programs and is a respected speaker who has been featured at a number of leading seminars. A selection of Roger’s media clips is featured in Roger’s LinkedIn profile.



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