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Forest Hills Capital Management
Forest Hills Capital Management
Forest Hills Capital Management

Forest Hills Capital Management is based out of Forest Hills, New York, a neighborhood in the heart of New York City’s centrally-located borough of Queens. The unique positioning between Manhattan and Long Island gives the firm access to a local geographic area consisting of over eight million individuals.

Tens of thousands of lower and middle market companies serve this substantial population. The prevalence of these firms is the primary reason for Forest Hills Capital’s current location and represents a significant organizational competitive advantage.

Although the defined, tangible benefits of the bustling location help to explain Forest Hills Capital’s geographic positioning, they reveal little about the company’s choice of name. Indeed, simply locating in Forest Hills does not necessitate taking the neighborhood’s appellation. After studying the history, culture and architecture of Forest Hills Capital’s eponymous neighborhood, the reasoning behind the name of the firm becomes far more apparent.

A Tradition of Champions

Forest Hills Capital Management

Forest Hills was the home of the U.S. Open Tennis Championships for over five decades in the early part of the twentieth century. The event was held at the West Side Tennis Club (pictured above) before it moved just over four miles in 1978 to the USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows Park. When the Open was played at the West Side Tennis Club site, the tournament was commonly referred to as simply “Forest Hills,” just as the All-England Lawn Tennis Association Championships are today known as “Wimbledon.” Notable Forest Hills champions include Althea Gibson (pictured center above), Bobby Riggs, Billy Jean King, and Arthur Ashe. Among these great players, Arthur Ashe is regarded as one of the all time best tennis players of the United States. The last men’s U.S. Open final to be played in Forest Hills was in 1977 between the famed Jimmy Connors and Guillermo Vilas. Trivia question: who won? Was it Jimmy Connors? Or was it Guillermo Vilas? Watch the video below to find out.

Forest Hills Gardens

Forest Hills Gardens is arguably the best of the few remaining examples of planned communities, or “garden cities.” Because of this, the Gardens hold a prominent place in American architectural history.

At the time of Forest Hills’ creation, President Theodore Roosevelt was a staunch and principled supporter of planned communities. In a July 4, 1917 speech given at Forest Hills Garden’s Station Square railroad station, Theodore Roosevelt spoke in support of vigorous American war involvement and lambasted conscientious objectors for their apparent lack of patriotism. This address was later dubbed his “100% American” speech (see the video below; sorry, no audio back in 1917).

Forest Hills Capital Management expects to continue its namesake neighborhood’s history of innovation and superior performance for decades to come. If you want to know more about the storied and illustrious history of Forest Hills, including its founding, click here.