Market Commentary

March 7, 2012 (Bloomberg) — Roger Aguinaldo, chief executive officer of the M&A Advisor, talks about distressed-investing trends. He speaks with Carol Massar at the Distressed Investing Summit in Palm Beach, Florida. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Roger Aguinaldo appeared on Fox Business Opening Bell to discuss the recent uptick in M&A activity and the acquisition of Marvel by Disney with Host Alexis Glick on September 1, 2009.


Roger Aguinaldo talked to CNBC’s Bill Griffeth about the forecast of M&A in 2009.


Roger Aguinaldo, the Managing Director of Forest Hills Capital Management, appeared on Bloomberg TV to discuss his thoughts about how the financial crisis had been affecting mergers and acquisitions with Pimm Foxx, the host of Taking Stock, in October 2008.