Forest Hills Capital’s investors include entrepreneurs, family offices , multi-family offices, hedge fund and private equity managers, and other accredited investors investing their individual capital into transactions.

Active Investing

Forest Hills Capital works with investors who desire higher active returns and do not have the time and resources to source private investments. As an investor, unless you own more 5% of a publicly-traded company, you have very little influence over the way the company is operated. And even if you did own 5% or more, though you have some influence, you don’t have any control on how that company is run. Publicly-traded stocks, bonds and mutual funds are commonly referred to as passive investments.

Active investments are typically those that you not only invest money in, but you have some limited up to full control over how those funds are being allocated and how the company is being operated. Most lower and middle market private businesses are active investments: owned, controlled and operated by one or a few individuals. Privately-owned companies typically fall into the active investment category. Forest Hills Capital Management invests primarily in companies in which it can be active. In addition to capital, we provide a network of contacts and resources to help companies reach their next level of growth without increasing their personal risk.

If you are an accredited investor and want more information about investing on an active basis with Forest Hills Capital, contact us.